photographs by Lisa Hammond

photographs by Lisa Hammond
photographs by Lisa Hammond


An award-winning teacher, for over thirty years Lisa Hammond has worked with students at all levels as a professor and as a community volunteer. Whether she is working with college students, kindergartners, or adult learners, her teaching is always grounded in helping students learn to attend to their worlds and their words carefully, to express their ideas clearly and with elegance. 


In the formal classroom, Dr. Hammond has taught a wide range of courses for USC Lancaster and the University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College, in addition to her earlier teaching at the University of Alabama and Michigan State University. She was an early adopter of online instruction, teaching her first courses with technology at Alabama at the beginning of her teaching career. She taught the first online course for what was then Palmetto Programs in 2000, Women’s Studies 111: Women in Culture, and later published two articles about gender and access to technology from that class. 


She is available for writing workshops in poetry and creative non-fiction on request. 

University of South Carolina Courses Taught 

ENGL 101 – Critical Reading and Composition

ENGL 102 – Rhetoric and Composition

ENGL 282 – Fiction

ENGL 285 – Themes in American Writing

ENGL 286 – Poetry

ENGL 287 – American Literature

ENGL 289 – English Literature

ENGL 360 – Creative Writing

ENGL 429 – Topics in American Literature: Mothers and Memoirs 

ENGL 437 – Women Writers

ENGL 463 – Business Writing

PALM 493 – South Carolina Studies

PALM 494 – Internship
WGST 111 – Women in Culture
Teaching with Technology Publications

Hammond, Lisa. “Dealing With Inequities: When Students in the Same Class Have Different Access.” Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments 6.2 (Fall 2001): np.

Hammond, Lisa. “Women’s Studies 101 on the Web.” Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments 6.1 (Spring 2001): np.